“Canada Lady” was arrested over the weekend on attempt to enter the U.S.

"Canada Lady" was arrested over the weekend on attempt to enter the U.S.

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  • A “Canadian woman” has been arrested in the United States for attempting to smuggle diamonds into the country, USA news agency said on Sunday. The country’s Federal Customs Authority said the woman attempted to smuggle in 340 grams of rough diamonds contained in plastic bags, valued at approximately US$300,000 by hiding it in the pocket side of her jeans found in her luggage. When the suspect reached Dallas Customs, her passport was confiscated and her bags were searched. After carrying out an X-ray, officials discovered that the passenger had hide 340g of raw diamonds, which were worth around $300,000($430,000 CAD),” FCA said in a statement. Her arrest at Fort Worth International Airport came after a tip-off was received the day on arrival. Upon her arrival, the identified woman named Shirley Helene McLean-Ross had her passport seized, and was escorted to customs inspectors who searched her luggage for the diamonds. During questioning, the woman, who works as a Make up Artist admitted to visiting the USA several times but said it was the first time she attempted to illegally bring in diamonds.

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